Are You Fit for the Job?

Are You Fit for the Job?

We provide DOT exams at our clinic

If you're pursuing a career that requires you to operate a commercial vehicle, your eligibility depends on the results of a DOT exam. These exams are also referred to as a medical fitness for duty exams.

Periodically, you are required to undergo a DOT physical while operating commercial vehicles. Contact Fuller Family Medicine today to schedule a DOT exam at our health clinic.

What can you expect from a DOT exam?

When you visit Fuller Family Medicine for your DOT exam, you'll be welcomed by our friendly and supportive staff. During your DOT physical, you'll receive:

  • Hearing and vision exams to ensure adequate sight and hearing
  • A comprehensive physical exam
  • A urinalysis to test for infection, kidney problems or diabetes

If you have questions about DOT exams or need to schedule an appointment, call our office today to speak with one of our staff members.